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Graduated in 2020 with a 'BA Honors, The Art of Video Games' degree. I find myself a very passionate gamer with a huge interest in cinematography, whether that would be in-game cinematics or even film. I always saw myself from a young age loving that whole cinematic vibe especially from when I received my first camera. I started using my siblings as actors and myself as a director, creating short films. I never really knew how to edit nor upload them so I just watched them back through the camera constantly. 

When the time came, I wanted to do something that could combine my passion for cinematography, as well as, my hobby for gaming. I then found the current course I'm doing. This course helped me learn the truly powerful software of UE4 (Imagine UE5 oof). I started using this software to create beautiful game-ready environments. 

As time went by, I realized that the only way to show off your work, as an environment artist, would be to create a story-driven cinematic that seeks the viewer's interest. This when I really wanted to push my dream of becoming a cinematic artist and decided to learn UE4's Sequencer tool. 


Email: urim_o@hotmail.co.uk 

Mobile(UK): 07413917819

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